Snorkelling is wonderful at low tide, even for the less confident or inexperienced - perfect for beginners or children. Explore the numerous, magnificent rock pools, shallows and gullies teeming with sea life and marvel at the incredible diversity of shape, form and colour in the underwater world.

Enjoy fabulous seafood dinners or light meals ('a la Portuguese)


Stroll or jog the endless beaches searching for the perfect cowrie shell or take walks through unexplored sand forest to one of the freshwater lakes covered with water lilies and fringed with emerald palms - birdwatchers always seem to return so much later than anyone else!


The area has a wide variety of birds due to its varied eco-systems - beach, thick primary dune forest, savanna and freshwater lakes. Birders, please help us compile a bird list by recording your sightings in our "Bird Sightings Log" in the bar.


The Bar and Restaurant at Paraiso de Chidenguele are legendary. Well stocked, a stunning ocean view and open till late. Sports lovers have access to DSTV!. Enjoy fabulous seafood dinners or light meals ('a la Portuguese) in the open-air restaurant.

The Bar and Restaurant



Ancient and steeped in history, this freshwater lake, only minutes away by vehicle, is 23 km long, clear and lukewarm. Lake Inhambavale is perfect for safe swimming, canoes, sailing, windsurfing, etc., and offers fun filled time away from the beach... so bring your non-motorised toys.


This lighthouse is still active and in nightly use. Drive (only minutes away) or walk through African savanna and past three freshwater lakes, to the lighthousekeeper's shack. Now trek a short way to the top of the highest dune in the area - the more adventurous may climb to the top of the lighthouse itself - either way, the view is breathtaking!


When accessible, the views from the top of one of the highest dunes in the area over unspoiled inland Mozambique and the Indian Ocean are spectacular and unforgettable - the epitome of tranquillity.

Especially recommended with ice cold drinks just before sunset.


Xai-Xai hit world headlines when this town was submerged during the devastating floods of 2000. A day trip to Xai-Xai may be necessary to replenish fuel and supplies. Whilst there, visit the local markets where fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables are available. Take a trip to the beach 10 km from the town itself and visit the beach, Praia de Xai-Xai.

A Snorkeller emerging from the sea A seafood snack Happy hour Stunning views from Boa Paz lighthouse Sundowners at the viewsite The shipwreck near King's Pools